About Us

Life's incredibly busy, so we developed a system that does the heavy lifting for us.

Like a CEO of a successful company sitting back and getting reports from their little underlings, we've created a way to get exclusive trading insight delivered to us on a silver platter.

Because we didn't want to spend our lives shackled to our computer screens trying to divine the next great stock trade.

Truth be told, we'd rather unplug from the craziness of life and take a breath.

To reclaim our sanity, to be able to spend our time however we want - going for walks, enjoying nature, traveling, being with friends & family...you know... actually living life.

Maybe even (gasp!) enjoying a "guilt free" cup of coffee without feeling like we should be addressing any one of the million other things we should be doing.

And we wanted to be able to do all of this all while still being able to find & make incredible trades.

So we thought smashing the returns of hedge funds would be a great place to start.

To do that, we developed an exclusive trading system that uses the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) that's filtered through the wisdom & experience of trading professionals.

And this is what makes our system unique, because we have the only system in the world that effectively combines the data processing power of AI with the experience and intuition of human traders.

Sure, artificial intelligence and machine learning is great for chewing through piles of data and coming up with projections based on past trends...

But because AI uses data from the past to come up with predicted outcomes for the future, it has the habit of looking back over its shoulder while running ahead.

Now this works great if the patterns continue just like they have in the past, but if there's a new wrinkle or change in the market... it can leave an AI system running blindly off a cliff.

That's where we add our top traders into the mix, as they look at the entire landscape and read into market sentiment or big moves that haven't shown up in the data yet.

After all, legendary trader George Soros didn't use AI to spot the trade that he used to break the bank of England.

He took a step back, read the landscape of the market and saw the opportunity that existed outside of all the little details and data points.

This is why we run our trades through experienced traders.

It's like an extra safety net we use to filter our trades through human experience. Just in case there's something the AI has missed.

And it's done incredibly well: over the past 4 years, we've had returns of: 2219.01%, 1941.91%, 1688.84%, & 1435.21%

...But as good a team & system we put together, we needed to make sure that we stayed true to our goal: that the trading system matched our desired lifestyle.

We wanted to make sure we focused on trades that didn't require us to be online 100% of the time.

Simply put, we decided to only do swing trades (rather than daytrades) because it lets us make great trades without having to be online every second of the trading day.

In the process of putting all this together, we've gained access to exclusive trading data that has previously only been available to hedge funds, quant funds, and banks.

It's let us consistently uncover what we feel are the best possible trades and places to put our money.

Of course, we aren't claiming we have a 100% trade win rate.

Nobody can be 100%... and if you find someone claiming they are, you should probably run. Because they're lying.

Typically our trades average about 90% success, but when we run the numbers to get more specific it's often higher than that.

(Of course - for legal purposes - we have to say that past performance doesn't guarantee future returns, but based on the consistency of our past years' trading results we are confident we're going to keep stacking up huge returns.)

But that's what we're offering here - access to great trade alerts and exclusive trade ideas.

No messy charts, no huge learning curve, no super risky & complicated trading strategies... and no claims about Ferrari's or that we'll turn you into a billionaire overnight.

Just great trade information and exclusive tools you can use to stay ahead of the herd and the investing curve.

Our mission is to provide unique, actionable insights to the average investor
so they can beat the returns of the hedge funds
and enjoy incredible gains.

From specific trade alerts to cutting edge tools & research on the latest trends,
we've designed our system to give you a trading edge over every other investor out there
...without charging thousands of dollars per month.

Just A Few Examples of Some of Our Winning Trades



% Increase



% Increase



% Increase



% Increase

Trade Examples

Here's a quick screenshot we took from inside the members area of some of our trade results from inside the members' area over a 5 month period:

You can see that from the example trades above, from 49 closed trades there were 47 wins & 2 losses for a 95.918% win rate.
The total return was 1514.56%, and the average return per trade was 30.91%
Click here for a list of our closed trades

That means that if you would have put about $1,000 into each of the trades above,
it would have been worth around $89,751.57

Why Choose Us

Here are just a few reasons why you should join us.


We only provide defined-risk trades.
We don't sell options.

Access to Trends

You'll have access to exclusive trading tools designed to track the latest trending stocks.


We offer more value than any competing service on the market

High Win Percentage

Our trade alerts have an average trade win rate around 90% - with winning streaks as high as 95.918%

Incredible Returns

We average around +24% return per trade
and have banked annual returns of: 2419.82%, 2219.01%, 1941.91% & 1435.21%

Exclusive Insight

You'll get access to research & trade options that aren't available to the average investor.


Jeff Odeh

"Thank you, Thank you!

Followed your steps exactly, and sold half way the first time and sold the rest today.

Profits both times!!

Two full days worth of work made by a click of the finger!

You Guys Rock!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐

Gurinder Singh

Things I've learned as a new investor following these alerts:

1- I'm not smarter than the pros here
2- Don't question their outlook
3- Follow portfolio percentages
4- Wait patiently

These last three days have paid off massively.

Very grateful!!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐

Francine Bernier

"Did my first option play after signing up last night.

I was late to UNG but bought the options this morning and sold today for a nice 6% return.

Would have been higher if I signed up earlier!"


List of Services

Below you'll find a list of the services that we offer our members,
along with an estimated value according to what competing services charge.

Option Trade Alerts
* Average 4-5 trades per week.
* Instant Email alerts sent directly to your inbox for every buy or sell made
* Simple copy & paste trades (no complex adjustments or strategies)
* No daytrading - so you can trade according to your schedule
* A members area to log into and see any trade updates and open trades
* Annual Returns of: 2219.01%, 1941.91%, 1688.84%, & 1435.21%
* 90%+ trade win average
The Next Big Thing Portfolio
Here we scour the investment landscape looking for companies that are poised to take advantage of trends or industries that are ready to explode, looking for stocks that have 10x-1000x potential.

This portfolio looks for disruptive tech, emerging trends and budding industries that Wall Street knows nothing about yet.

It's like if you got into Bitcoin before anyone knew about it, or the Cannabis industry before it was legalized.

This is the inside stuff that the average investor will only hear about once the stock has burst into the news because of their skyrocketing share price.

These trades have a longer estimated time frame of 3-18 months.
The Bullet Proof Portfolio
With all the craziness of the world and the insanely elevated levels of debt, it's important that you start protecting yourself and your assets.

This portfolio is designed to give a recommended weighting for your portfolio among certain crucial asset classes.
Social Sentiment Tracker
We've designed a tracking system designed to stay on top of what the masses are interested in and the latest trending stocks. (Keeping you informed on the latest stocks on WallStreetBets & similar sites to keep you one step ahead of the next wave.)

It's like being able to legally stealing the best trade ideas from 19,819,392+ traders.
Insider Trading Tracker
We're keeping a record of recent insider trades that have been placed...because if anyone knows what's coming for a company it's their employees.

As Gordon Gekko said in the movie "Wall Street: "If you're not inside, you're outside!"
U.S. Government Stock
Transaction Tracking
U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators & members of Congress are required to publicly file & disclose financial transactions within 45 days of it happening.

We've built a way to track these transactions, so you can see exactly where they're putting their money.

Because with all their connections & insider knowledge, watching their trades can be a great way to see where some of the insider money has headed.
Off-Exchange Trading
Not every transaction happens on traditional stock markets. In fact, some large institutional investors trade huge blocks of stocks outside of the stock exchanges.

We've made a custom tracker so you can keep your finger on the pulse of what big moves are being made.
Captital Generated Through Corporate Lobbying
& US Government Contracts
Because as Forbes magazine says, "companies that lobby most intensively tend to have better-performing stocks than the ones that don't."

So we decided to track the companies that've had their lobbying efforts rewarded and decided to keep an eye on which companies were just awarded a fat, juicy new government contract.
The Guru's Secret:
Wisdom From The Top of the Mountain
A guide on successfully developing a bullet-proof trading mindset $49
Total Value:
+ $49

Please Note: Price Will Increase

The membership price will continue to increase as we complete the services that are in development.
Existing members will be able to keep the current price of their membership so long as they remain members.

You can sign up for a membership that includes
all the services listed above for:

Regular Price: $1908/year ($159/month)
86.95% OFF, for a Yearly cost of:*

$249 per year works out to only $20.75 per month!

(Compare that to our competitors charging a MINIMUM of $99/month
- who don't have win rates as high as ours
& don't give you access to custom trading tools)

Please note that pricing will go up as soon as we complete our upgrades.

By signing up, you'll get our simple option trade alerts to buy calls or puts (along with sell notifications) that have produced QUADRUPLE digit returns and win rates around 90% (with winning streaks as high as 95.918% as you've seen), instant access to "The Next Big Thing Portfolio" as well as our "Bullet Proof Portfolio", and "The Guru's Secret" manual.

You'll also get access to all of our other exclusive tools including: our Social Sentiment Tracker, The U.S. Government Stock Transaction Tracking System and our Off-Exchange Trading Dossier, all of which give you access to inside information previously only available to hedge funds and inside traders.

Based on what our competitors charge, all of these services have a minimum cost of $701 per month plus $49 for the trading guide.

But you can get access at the discounted price above until we've completed our upgrades.

Of course, if you do sign up and (for any reason) change your mind, you can cancel at any time if you choose the yearly payment option.

You can cancel your membership on your own, or just send us an email, and we'll take care of it for you - with no hassles or hard feelings.

We wish you all the success you can handle!
Brett Davison & The Empirical Collective Team